Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Sample knitting

So recently I got the opportunity to do some sample knitting, to be photographed to go into a book of patterns by Jon Dunn-Ballam of Easyknits.co.uk. So I volunteered myself. In return all the knitters were offered a skein of his yarn. So I sat and awaited delivery of my knitting kit, and here is what arrived:

The smaller skein was what the pattern was to be knitted in, and is from their Deeply Wicked 4-ply range, this colour being call Aquillian. The skein of yarn top right is my payment skein from their Twinkle range of yarns, a lovely 4-ply with stellina for a fine silver sparkle my camera just would not pick up. this is one of their heavy weight skeins at 150g so lots and lots of yardage, in a beautiful sage, destined to be something for the princess.

The pattern in question is Thin Ice. A lovely pattern which is left open to interpretation, leaving you to make design decisions to suit you. Finished with a lovely feather and fan edge. I say lovely but.... despite being a simple lace pattern I have knit before... this just decided to kick me in the butt, over and over just because it could. It was a quick knit at ten days, but t could have been quicker if I wasn't ripping out mistakes constantly. Because I wanted it to be perfect. I got there in the end with less than 2m of yarn left at the end. And a job well done.

The yarn is a lovely yarn base to work with, a real pleasure to knit with, and  wonderfully frog resistant since I had to frog back a lot.

Here is a not so fab picture of it to give you an idea of the unusual shaping, the 'shards' at the sides giving you a way to tie it round the shoulders so it stays on:

And out in the daylight. The colour is so hard to take a picture of! Teals are murder on a camera!

Its now on its way to Easyknits HQ and likely arrived and I hope its everything Jon was hoping for.

Till next time

Kat xxx

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