Saturday, 17 August 2013


Yup, that is my princess posing in her new hat. Note the hand behind the head in perfect 'pose' mode. Little lady is a poser through and through.

The truth is I never intended for her to have an owl hat. I was actually making my boy's annual hat. He loves hats, and the funnier the better. Two years ago it was the fish hat from knitty. Last year it was a monster hat complete with stuffed spikes. This year, it was to be an owl. I decided to take the plunge and try some cotton yarn. I found some Drops Muskat on sale really cheaply so bought some supplies.

It was the colours an washability that brought me to cotton, and this cotton particularly. The pattern I chose was the Inner Hooker's Owl Earflap beanie.

The boy has a sixth sense for when I am making something for him. So when I needed a break from some sample knitting I was doing, I grabbed the hook and got going. And was then nagged incessantly till I got it done! You can see what he thinks of his hat.

It hasn't been off his head much since I made it. Practically snatching it off me after standing over me while I wove in the ends. Could not wait for this year's hat for the winter.

But I was left with a lot of leftovers. It had been quick to make and although I already have a hat planned for his sister, well she could have two right? So I made a start. Only to be harangued from start to finish by the boy! And as soon as I had finished weaving in the ends... yeah it had to be on her head! He loves that they both have matching hats. Well, at least I made them happy.

Till next time!

Kat xxx

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