Monday, 12 August 2013

Ruffles, Ruffles Everywhere!

Pattern browsing on Ravelry is a really dangerous thing. I was looking for a pattern to use up some handspun I had been given in a magic ball swap. I found the pattern alright, well... it would use about half my ball, but I fell in love with it so hard I don't mind. I will measure the remaining later and decide what to do with it... again.

So there is my little preview of my finished piece. Its the Ballerina Ruffle Skirt pattern. I saw it, and I just knew I had to make my daughter one. Within hours of seeing the pattern I had ordered my ruffle scarf yarn and grosgrain ribbon for the waist. So Sunday morning, feeling burnt out on the sample knit I am doing, I wanted something different, some instant gratification So I assembled my materials

Two skeins of Ice Yarns' Salsa in blue/green mix, one ball of blue green handspun (super soft!) in roughly worsted or aran weight, and one length of blue 38mm wide grosgain ribbon. I experimented with my hook till I got my initial chain where I wanted it, then switched to the pattern's 5.5mm hook.

I won't lie, the Salsa was not easy to get going with but none of the scarf yarns are. However it is so soft and works up so nicely I can forgive the ruffle rows being so slow to do. For saying that the process was slow, I started in the morning, and it was finished by tea time. I threaded in the ribbon, cut and then heat sealed the ends. And voila. One ruffled skirt!

Its a touch big for my princess, but that's no bad thing to be honest, means she will grow into it, get more use from it, even if it is just the dressing up box. And she is likely to be toddling in it which would be super cute. Even her father likes it, which surprised me, and he called it 'a lovely piece of work in really nice colours'. That's two thumbs way up from him. So while I may be waiting a while to put it on her. I couldn't resist getting a shot of my little princess trying it on. And she just had to pose. 

Meet Miss Katy Lulu. 

No her middle name is not Lulu. Its Niamh, but Lulu somehow became her nickname and has stuck. And she makes an adorable princess. And I know I am massively biased. As my mother said to me yesterday. Having a little girl does give you a heck of a lot of excuses to make all sorts of cute things!
I am sure many more will follow!

Till next time!

Kat xxx

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