Monday, 5 August 2013

First Harvest

Just a little short post today! Featuring the garden starting to turn up produce. The courgette plants are obviously going a little mad as you can see. And while that potato haul is hardly impressive, that's our little tester pot. 

We always plant one small potato in a little pot that we know potatoes are unlikely to do very well in, as well as filling out potato sacks. When the plants die off we always pull that pot out first, a bit of a dipstick test. If it produces decent potatoes and a decent amount, the big sacks will definitely have come good. we've yet to have a bad year. And the first of the tomatoes are starting to change colour. Going to have some scrummy eats in the coming weeks... and eat a lot of courgettes. There are more that are ready to come in already!

Till next time

Kat xxx

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