Thursday, 31 October 2013

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween one and all! As you can see, my little monsters are enjoying themselves with Bob. Bob is our pumpkin. Well he's got to have a name!

We had tonnes of fun yesterday. we headed out, and the boy helped pick out Bob to come home with us. Bob was happy to be a blank canvas.

The boy watched and commented at every stage. He though that hollowing bob out was funny and made all sorts of comments about the innards. But after some hand aching work, he was ready.

Now I will state the obvious, the boy was an observer. There are sharp knives involved, so he just got to watch from a distance and comment. He can join in more when he is old enough. But slowly, along to commentary Bob started to transform.

Till he was ready!

The boy pronounced him 'very happy and a little bit spooky'. We then promptly put him in the window to greet daddy when he came home.

Have a wonderful and spooky Halloween everyone!

Till next time!

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