Friday, 18 October 2013

Some bright, textured yarn

I have to admit, spinning has taken a back seat lately, usually because of deadline knitting, but I seem to be reasonably ahead of myself at the moment, so have taken to spinning when I have a quiet evening... which is maybe a couple of times a week.

I have been wanting to do something different, so when I saw these batts:

I fell in love. I have a love for black, and neon brights are so in fashion at the moment. But more interesting is what the batts are made of. Firstly let me point out where these batts came from. They were made by the lovely Patricia of Yummy Yarns UK, found both on Etsy and tentatively on Folksy. She may migrate more to Folksy over time as Etsy has gone through some fundamental changes which now favour massed produced products rather than artisan hand made items, which is what Etsy was founded for, not to be a second Ebay. But I digress.

The photo does not do these batts justice. There is black wool, trilobal nylon for sparkle, thicker sparkly threads, and of course that pink! The pink is carded cotton. Cotton on its own is not something I have attempted to spin. I cannot get my head round the preparation needed to get thus incredibly short stapled fibre to spin. But blended like this? Hell yeah I was game to try it. As it happens the cotton is like a sheet sandwiched between the other fibres, and very much has a mind of its own as I expected. It was always going to be a textured yarn.

So I spun the singles as the fibre to seem to have a mind to, and was really very pleased with it.

Then I whipped it into a two ply and out of 150g of fibre, I came out with 300m of 2 ply yarn in stunning colour, DK weight. Now to must what to make with it!

So that's what I have been up to, what are you all making/doing at the moment?

Till next time!

P.S. Currently loving this yarn from Patricia's shop so much I just had to shout about it!


  1. Gorgeous batts and great yarn! I'm currently spinning a BFL roving in heathery tones which is realy enjoyable.

    1. BFL has to be possibly my favourite fibre. Its so lush to spin with!

  2. I am SO pleased you've enjoyed them! They were a challenge to make and then I was so tempted to keep them.

    1. They were great fun to spin honestly! So different and very enjoyable. You know I am a great fan of your fibres and yarns! Always happy to spread that love. And thank you for for sharing my blog on Facebook!