Monday, 7 October 2013

Twinkle Twinkle Cardigan

I am unfortunately  having to post in haste, much as I do not like to. But I do not have much other option when I have a first birthday to organise and get ready. That's right, my little Lulu will be one this Friday! Goodness knows where the last year has gone!

So as its now October, I am in the midst of warm weather/christmas knitting. As such, Lulu needs new cardigans. I always despair in finding ones I like in the shops, at a price I am happy to pay. So I raided my stash and hunted down patterns, and eventually settled on the Twinkle Twinkle pattern. I cast on with some Wollmeise Pure in Golden Pear which hadn't gotten used in another project so was lying around with no purpose, so I gave it one.

I have to admit, me and this pattern did not get on. My row gauge was so off for the pattern that I had to make adjustments coming out of my ears. And as written, I could not make the stitch counts work once you got to separating at the underarms. More adjustments. That said the result is beautiful, and I like it very much. And I discovered my seaming really isn't half bad! Considering I hate seaming that was a very pleasant surprise. So here is my finished cardigan,

and a quick shot being modelled, but a perplexed Lulu who is staring at next door's cat, but wouldn't sit still for another picture!

Till next time



  1. Such a cute cardigan, perfect autumn colour too. Your hard work and perseverance in getting the pattern to work for you has paid off.

    1. Thank you! I am pleased now its done. There was just much cursing in the process!

  2. It's a really cute cardigan!