Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Leibster Award

Well this is something a little bit different. As you can see I have been given a Leibster award by the lovely Bethany from Love Peace and Makeup, thank you so much hon, its really sweet of you! Its all about finding new blogs and finding out about the bloggers behind them. In the spirit of the thing, here's me:

Mum of two, stay at home mum and all that brings with it, and crafter. So on to the questions she set me?

How long have you been blogging?

I started blogging in January 2012, not long before I would discover I was pregnant for the second time. By May, the pregnancy took over everything and I just stopped for a while. I couldn't concentrate on it. I picked it back up in July and am loving it. 

Who is your inspiration?

My mother. I have always said if I could be half as good a mother as she was and is to me and my brothers, then I will be proud and will know I have done a good job. I have never met anyone who has put more into fighting for the things her children needs, who truly put them first above her own needs and wants, who put blood, sweat and tears into making sure we could all have the best lives possible than her. I will never ever forget or stop being grateful for all she has done for use, and continues doing, after all that life has thrown at her.

She married a man with Aspergers syndrome, and will have been for 40 years next year. She has raised one child with epilepsy, another two with both epilepsy and profound autism. She has been in a car accident that nearly claimed her life and has left her legs all but useless. Despite being in a wheelchair, profoundly disabled, and needing yearly surgery for the bone infections in one leg she works! As a benefits advisor. She is truly an oustanding woman I am very proud to have as my mother

What is your favourite quote? 

Freddie Mercury at the recording of 'The Show Must Go On'. Freddie was so ill with AIDS that band mate Brian May was concerned he wouldn't be able to manage the challenging vocal. He slammed some vodka and told May: "I'll fucking do it, darling!" And proceeded to do it in one take with no problems.

His illness was tragic, but his strength, his will and his determination and the way he put his all into what he did despite it all was outstanding. He was recording and working long after he stopped doing concerts and public appearances. He has to be admired

What is your best feature?

My eyes. Certainly in my opinion anyway.

Tell me something new you’ve discovered recently, beauty or otherwise?

Spending time on me every single day! That may sound absolutely crazy, but I don't think I have ever done that, especially in a beauty sense. And when I became a mother I went from wearing makeup at least once a week, to maybe once or twice a year. I always said I didn't want to be the woman who cannot leave the house without her make up on, and even though I am making changes, that won't. I do not feel less feminine or less of a woman etc without some make up on. But after four and a half years, I want to stop being just mummy, and get back to the woman my husband fell in love with and married.

What it means in reality is spending 10-20 minutes on a morning putting on some tinted moisturiser, a little eye make up, a spritz of my somewhat alarming collection of perfume (I need to use it not hoarde it!) and do my hair. Spend some evening time once the children are in bed, two to three times a week to wash and straighten my hair. To look after me. To get back some sense of identity other than the mum who threw some clothes on her back and didn't care what they were because I looked like a bag of nails anyway with scraped back messy hair and the clothes weren't going to hide it. So, just a teeny little bit of time for myself when I get up really isn't too much to ask. I have to admit, its making me feel great, so that has to be worth it. The confidence can be seen far more obviously than the makeup!

Favourite accessory?

Not really an accessory gal, but I do have my necklace that I am almost never without, a keepsake of when my children were very small, kept close to my heart.

Lips: Gloss, Stick, Stain, Balm or Leave Them Be?

Unless its stain or tint and I don't have to top it up every time I eat, drink, cough, sneeze etc, then leave them be. I just do not have time to be doing that and it irritates me unfortunately. I will make the effort if I am going out, but the rest of the time... nope.

Beauty product you just can’t live without?

My razor. Frank confession, I am one of those women who has facial hair. Wonderful quirk of nature. If I get nothing else done, I will take a minute to run the razor over my face so I don't look like the bearded lady.  

What did you want to be when you grew up?

Fighter pilot. True fact. But I was too short and I had a medical history that excluded me. Not that I knew that at nine nor did it stop me dreaming.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Um... chocolate... its the only one I feel guilty about anyway! 

11 random facts about yourself.
  1. I am partially ambidextrous. There are some things I do just as well with either hand, and some I do better with my weaker hand.
  2. I played competitive team badminton at university. My team were third in the league
  3. I can play three instruments. Flute, guitar, and piano in order of decreasing proficiency.
  4. I really want to try a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster. Just once!
  5. I used to be a biker, with the full leathers and a purple and chrome bike. I was the coolest 18 year old in school when I rocked up on that.
  6. I have attended surgical procedures in an operating theatre in my student days.
  7. I met the Iron Lady, Baroness Thatcher when I was a child. She was really very nice to me.
  8. I once marched through London dressed as a fairy complete with corset and giant pink wings. It was fun but boy did I have blisters.
  9. When I was little I was terrified of turning into my mother when I grew up. As I've grown up, I've come to realise that it could actually be a really good thing and that I don't mind how much like her I am at all.
  10. I like horror movies, a lot!
  11. I like musicals just as much. I was in four at school!
So who am I going to pass this award on to....

Sarah, of Sarah and the Moon, a weaver, and boy do I wish I could bang out finished projects as fast as she does!
Nicky of Teacups and Yarn who is launching her new business selling handcrafts. Some lovely items! Go and look and say hi!
Knitiot of A Knitiot Abroad, new to the blogging community, so go say hi and make her feel welcome!

Questions for you lovely people to answer:

  • How long have you been blogging?
  • What made you decide to join the blogging community? 
  • Who is your inspiration?
  • What craft tool could you never live without?
  • What's the next skill you want to learn?
  • What's your favourite item you have made to date?

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