Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Phat Fibre Entomology

Some of you may know, Phat Fibre is a mystery box of awesome samples for the yarn and fiber enthusiast. But some of the contributors also then go on to make full sized batts/hanks of yarn etc for sale in their shop at the same time, and every month has a theme. August's theme was Entomology, and the ladies at Nunoco opted to go for batts based on the Green Jewel bug

I think its now obvious why the set of two batts are two different gradients. I myself fell for them, and boout two sets. that meant I had two of the greens and two of the oranges. So I spun up the batts and plied like batts together, lining up the colours as best I could into lovely, squishy 2-ply yarn. And here is the finished yarn:

Yep, they are gradient yarns too! Lovely and bright, fingering weight. I have a bit more length in the greens, but that hank is also slightly heavier, though for 4 g I am not sure you should count the weight difference! I have plans for a new dress - start at the pink and finish at the blue - for the little miss, seeing as she is now  growing into the first dresses I knitted for her and she looks fab!Definitely enjoying a bit of spinning. Though I am back to spinning really fine for a different gradient yarn, more news on that at a later date!

And seriously, spinners, go check out Nunoco's etsy shop, based in Wales! Gorgeous gradient batts and smooshy rovings, well worth your time!

Till next time


  1. These are so stunning. I admired these batts when they made them but didn't buy them. I am still tempted by them...but have so much stash!!

    1. apologies for the v late reply, life got crazy! oh you have every reason to be tempted, the colours really glow, I had such fin spinning them!