Monday, 18 November 2013

Temporary hiatus

Sorry to one and all for going so quiet all of a sudden. Unfortunately, everything has happened at once as it always does. Firstly a death in my husband's family, then our Lulu had an allergic reaction to her jabs, and lastly, on Saturday my laptop screen died a death. So it was all systems go retrieving the data. My old hard drive is now a nifty external storage device!

Obviously this last one leaves me sans a machine, and blogging via my iPad really does not seem to work unless posts are exceedingly short. The good news is that a new machine has been ordered, so blogging will resume as soon as I have it working nicely.

Posts to look forward to:

Handspun Hitchhiker scarf

Hand made Christmas tree decorations

Handspun Wensleydale/ silk blend

Switching for a custom raglan sweater

Till I have my technology working again!

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