Sunday 6 July 2014

Ringbearer Shawl

I have to admit, this was not a planned project. But Patricia of Yummy Yarns UK had spun some beautiful yarn from some fibre she was given in her Ravelry group's secret santa. And she didn't know what to do with it. What she wanted to so was turn it into a pretty wrap for her shoulders, BUT she doesn't knit lace. I have knitted yarn up for Patricia before, and she spins such lovely yarn. So I offered to do so for her. Extremely soon after, her lovely cat Ella went missing, which only made me more determined to knit it for her, in the hope it would provide comfort.

We discussed patterns and she sent me the yarn:

Which is prettier in real life and has sparkle in it, but its one of those colours that is hard to photograph. So I got knitting. The pattern she chose was Ringbearer, which made my geek tendencies happy. It was originally a mystery knit along, and each 'clue' (or section of pattern) represented something from Frodo Baggins journey in Lord of the Rings. They were all lovely lace patterns, though clue six was slow going (its very hard to 'read' your knitting as you go in this one) and the feather and fan edging predictably tripped me up once or twice. While a simple lace pattern, feather and fan is an old nemesis that always gets me a couple of times in the knitting.

Shortly before I finished Ella was found and returned home a little thin, but otherwise well after almost two weeks away from home. So glad that ended well, and I got to show Patricia pictures of her finished shawl.

I am exceedingly happy with it and it came out to such a lovely size. I think I need one for myself so you shall probably see this pattern come up again! It will be winging its way to Patricia soon, as soon as my miss is a little bit better from her chicken pox!

So that's what I have been up to recently. The next couple of weeks I am participating in the Tour de Fleece (all shall be explained in my next post) so watch out for spinning round ups in the coming weeks!

Till next time:


  1. Thanks So so much Kat. The Yummy fibre deserved to be knitted into lacey loveliness. Ella is home which is a miracle and I will remember your kindness whenever I wear the shawl. xx

    1. just happy to help a friend. Would have knit it regardless, but glad it helped in a tough time!