Monday 4 August 2014

Tour de Fleece the end of!

So I haven't posted in ages. Unfortunately not only did I have the Tour De Fleece but I also have the school holidays and an awful lot on to keep little people busy! That said, I DID manage to spin every day of the Tour!

So not only did I finish the 4 yarns shown in my last post, I finished another three before the end, making it a total of 7 yarns across the three weeks. I am pretty impressed with myself. So what did I I spin.

The first two were Nunoco batts, chain plying each batt to make two repeats of each gradient. Firstly The Spindleberry:

177m of worsted weight yarn.

Second came Cornucopia:

152m of Aran weight yarn. This skein has some luscious greens in but no matter how I twisted the hank I couldn't show off all the colours.

By the time I had finished that skein, I had also spun enough yarn for my Swirl I am planning on knitting, so for my last spin I wanted to spin something in a lighter weight.

So I took these batts that I believe I won in either the lest Tour or as a prize for a make along over at the Yummy Yarns UK group on Ravelry. I feel awful that I can't remember WHY I won them anymore, but I am very glad I did! Very simple batts but they were a joy to spin. Natural undyed English Suffolk, Local Leicester Long Wool, hand dyed Merino in shades of blues and aquas.

234m of sport weight yarn. Not sure what it will be yet, but its a lovely yarn!

So there it is at last, final round up of all I got done in the Tour de Fleece which was surprisingly much. I promise my next post will be far more exciting for you non spinning folk!

Till next time!