Sunday 29 June 2014

Spinning for a Cardigan

I know its summer, I know that none of us wants to see this rare sunshine and warmth leave us for autumn and winter, but I find the summer is a good time to at least plan for making winter wear, both for myself and for the children. So I am planning a big, warm cardigan/jacket kind of deal. I was lovingly gifted the book 'Knit, Swirl' by Sandra McIver for Christmas, and my plans are to knit a Coat of Many Colours (I just love the name) and I want to do it in handspun, and in Autumnal colours. So I have made a start in the spinning at least so I may get knitting in a couple of months. Its thicker than I am used to, I am aiming for aran or worsted weight and so far, so good.

I tested out my carders to make this random yarn a while back.

And it may or may not make it into the final cardigan. If it does, its 150m towards the 1550m I need for the final cardigan. This is going to take a lot of yarn!

Most recently I was getting into the swing of spinning for this by going back to an old favourite fibre source, Yummy Yarns UK, with these fabulous batts named Tiger Tiger:

Gave the Princess a good oiling, and turned them into 140m of yarn:

This is probably the darkest of the yarns planned for this cardigan bit I am very pleased with it. Its got that little bit of glitter and shine I tend to gravitate towards! So plenty more of these yarns coming!

Till next time!

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