Tuesday 15 July 2014

Tour de Fleece 2014

As the title suggests, I am taking part in the Tour de Fleece again this year. In short, is a spin along while the Tour de France is going on. The idea is every day the cyclists race, you spin. And you see what you can get done in that time.

The Tour started on the 5th, so my posts will be a round up of what I have been achieving day by day, and I will be posting my round ups every few days or so! So onwards!

When the Tour began I was part way through spinning singles of this gorgeous Blue Faced Leicester / tussah silk blend from Mandacrafts.

I had 200g of it, and what with deciding to do the Ringbearer shawl on the spur of the moment, I never got to clear down my wheel for the tour. In fact on day one I was about half way through the singles:

So day one was spent finishing the singles, and beginning plying (I did have three bobbins of it!)

Day two:

I finished plying, wound off and measured my yarn.:

414m of worsted weight yarn, all ready for my cardigan project! And a good chunk of the yardage I need for it.

But in the evening I got going on some new fibre. this time 100% merino from Yummy Yarns UK, colourway Namibia. Given the colours, I think you can guess what it is going to be part of!

 234m of light worsted weight yarn:

Then some Yummy Yarns UK Batts in Vesuvius:

147m of Aran weight yarn:

And lastly some fibre from Easyknits.co.uk became this yarn:

200m of Worsted weight. Fibre blend 50% White Corriedale/25% Grey Corriedale/ 25% Banana.

That's me up to date all the way to stage 10 of the tour!. Quite a lot done! See you for the next tour update!

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