Monday, 15 July 2013

Thank You

So the unthinkable has happened. Not only has my son grown so much to be a preschooler, but Friday will be his last day. There is the leavers concert on the following Monday, but he is finishing preschool for good. I have a pile of school uniform to add name labels to, and make sure in the pile of identical uniform, his can get back to him. We've just bought him a new pair of smart black shoes. He's going to big school. 

This has been a very big deal. Because over the course of him being at preschool, its come out that he has social communication difficulties. So him being remotely ready for school has been a worry. The cause of his problems is as yet unclear, whether it is severe social shyness, stemming from anxiety in large groups, or whether he has some mild version os an autistic spectrum disorder. He is currently being assessed for both. But just getting to have him assessed has been a long journey, one that has been made possibly because of his preschool. 

I have to say that his preschool are the very best preschool I have ever come across for dealing with special needs. Not saying that he has special needs, but he does require more attention than average. He is however attending with children who do have special needs, and the care at his preschool really is top notch. Every child has a key worker, and Patrick's key worker spotted his issues early on. Thanks to her we had early intervention with speech therapy (as it was initially thought this could be the problem), educational psychology, and this led to his referral to paediatric assessment. Both his key worker, and the head of the preschool who is the special educational needs coordinator have worked tirelessly with Patrick to give him the support he needs. And in their care he has positively blossomed and flown. 

He is still socially awkward, and uncomfortable in very busy and very noisy places, with a few marked exceptions like the swimming pool, but he has friends now, plays with other children, is accessing the activities within preschool and come on so, so much. We have even had his future school teachers involved with him before he goes to school, and his teacher is the school's special educational needs coordinator. He is in incredibly good hands. And I can't tell you how happy that Katy will attend the same preschool when she gets to the right age.

So I wanted to thank these wonderful, wonderful ladies who have done so much for our son with a personal gift, and not just a box of chocolates. I wanted to put my time and effort into something for them, show them that we have appreciated everything they have done. 

So I made a pair of scarves. 

The pattern is Queen Anne's Lace, and they scarves are crocheted with James C Brett Marble Chunky in two colourways (obviously). Both are 45 motifs long, which equates to about 1.7m each. Nice and long. The yarn was chosen because its a lovely soft acrylic that will machine wash and dry, because I know these ladies most certainly do not have enough time to hand wash. They put in so very many extra hours of their own time after preschool is finished, and at weekends and holidays too. So easy care was a must, but slow colour repeats suit this pattern so well. I hope that they express the gratitude we feel in our hearts for all they have done. And keep them warm as they watch over the children playing out side in any and all weathers come the winter!

Though of course, we couldn't forget the rest of the staff! So got a nice wrapped gift for all to share!

Till next time.

Kat xxx

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