Sunday, 21 July 2013

Sunday Round Up

So its the end of the week and time for a bit of a catch up on what I have done. I think I shall do this regularly, but maybe not every week. We shall see. So craft wise just what have I been up to this week?

I plied the bobbin of singles I had from my Nunoco Batt dropping, and turned it into this little skein of yarn:

Its 65g and 367m of 2 ply lace weight yarn. Not sure what it will be yet, but seeing as I am seriously enjoying lace knitting, it could be a little lace shawlette or scarf yet, you never know!

Also on the spinning front I have started spinning this braid of fibre;

Its a braid of super soft superwash merino by the Painted Tiger, in a colourway called Peacock. I am spinning fine singles with the intention of n-plying to  keep the gradient. I'm most of the way through the yellow! And there's more of that than the picture implies when the braid is unchained.

I've made a start on my Smaug hide mitts, and finished one:

I have just about started the second, but it will probably go faster than the first just because I get the pattern now.

No picture but I have been going well on my In dreams shawl too. Managing from about 2-6 rows a day I have finished chart 5, have 10 rows left of chart six, then three charts to go. That's actually a heck of a lot of knitting as each row takes around twenty minutes to knit. That may have to do with all the purl front and back stitches I am having to do on the wrong side. Ugh! Its worth it but I hate that stitch. I have also discovered I am really enjoying lace knitting. Good, because I have some shawls in my queue to knit.

So that's the last week, to come this week, the gluten free fairy cake experiment!

Till next time

Kat xxx

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