Thursday, 25 July 2013

My New Toy

Hand carders! These are  pair of mini, flat backed carders. I have small hands and the weight of full size carders has put me off for a long time. And I have managed perfectly well with all my fibre being bought ready prepped. But I want to start working with fleece, so I need something to help me do it. So I treated myself to my new tool.

Around the same time as they arrived, I had been doing a swap with Candy from Nunoco. She wanted to support spindle, and I had a support spindle lying around unloved. So I paid the love forward and sent it to her, with some lollipops (I can't send something to a woman named Candy without some candy), and she in turn sent me a surprise box of goodies. In amongst these goodies was one of the mixed merino packs that Nunoco stock in their etsy store.

Now let me see... brand new hand cards... beautiful little fluffs of merino. There was only one thing to do. Play at blending. And play I did. I turned my pack (crunchy leaves if anyone is interested) into this box full to bursting of 100g of fluffy rolags!

Aren't they scrummy? Three main colour ways and a few odds and ends. I shall randomly spin them into a three ply yarn for a project I have planned. But more on that later! They are all ready to spin... when my wheel doesn't have a project on it, but I have had a tonne of fun and will enjoy the spinning when it comes too!

What new toys have you had to play with recently?

Till next time

Kat xxx

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