Thursday, 25 July 2013

How does your garden grow?

Okay, not technically crafts, but hubby and I do grow some produce every year, entirely on the patio now we have a smaller garden living in a city. Still, that mass of green, its not a bad patio garden right? I would also show the strawberries, but they are already spent. Did us a damned good crop just in a grow bag on the bench table outside! We are now planning to attempt to transplant the runners into a little bed we have recently gained in a corner. Nothing to lose if it doesn't work, but if it does, we will have a strawberry patch! Awesome. Anyway, I highly, highly recommend growing strawberries on a table top in grow bags. Easier to regulate the water in the soil, not a slug or snail came near ours, much less pests. We had a great crop!

So then, to the point, just what is in that mass of green?

 Courgette planters, just starting to come good:

Tomatoes, giving off some stonking fruit. This is a bush cherry variety but they are coming out more plum than cherry:

And potatoes. The dying foliage is because its about time to harvest!

Just waiting for it all to be ready to harvest now for yummy home grown food. So is anyone else gardening? How is it going?

Till next time

Kat xxx

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