Monday, 3 February 2014

Works in Progress

I don't actually have anything finished to share this week, and am working on a couple of things at once. And that's around planning a birthday cake for the small boy. I will be trialling the baking of that later this week and taking it to toddler group to share. I really am not leaving myself with 22cm square chocolate cake in the house with little help to eat it! All the weight I lost recently... straight back on! Its going to be shared!

So what am I working on?

This week is all about gradients it seems. Firstly a dress for my little miss. She actually has one in this pattern already in a gradient from purple to green:

I will explain where I get the yarn from when I finish the dress, but the current one is here. 

Most of the way down the skirt which will finish in a grey blue. And will look a lot better after a wash and dry on a hanger as you can see above! Its a super pattern, no seams, knit all in one piece and super cute on my madam!

I am also carrying on with some spinning.  I have been spinning this braid of superwash merino:

Really very fine:

and am now over half way through. But spinning this fine takes a lot of hours!

On top of that I have two blankets I really should pull out and work on too. I am thinking finish the dress and give them some love, as one blanket should be for miss, but I need to actually do some work on it for that to happen, and the sock yarn blanket is always going to be a slow grower. But it won't grow at all if it sits in its bag. Time for some blanket love after the dress I think!

So that's what I am currently up to. What are you crafty people all doing?

Till next time.


  1. That dress is gorgeous. It looks like a crocheted yoke. Is it?
    Your spinning is fab too. Uber thin. I really must dust of my poor wheel. She's not feeling the love right now.

    1. Thank you! Nope, its a knitted yoke, a very simple lace actually. And thank you for the comment about my spinning. Its the finest I have attempted on my wheel. It feels very strange!