Friday, 28 February 2014

What I'm doing now

This seemed to be an appropriate title for a post, seeing as I have nothing finished to share this week. That's pretty much down to the nature of the crafty things I am currently up to, two of which are much longer term projects. So I thought rather than letting my blog go completely quiet, I would share what I am currently in the process of making.

First long term project, the crochet blanket. This is meant for my little miss' second birthday (as I knit her brother a blanket for his second birthday and it is still very beloved. Its only fair right?). Its also the blanket I was working on when I took pictures for last week's phototutorial

Its now as wide as I want (having laid it in her bed to check) and now I just need to make it lots longer!

Second project is the long term spinning project. I now have one full bobbin:

And have started trucking on with the second:

Now more into the blue end of the gradient, getting there slowly. When I can find a bit of peace I get half an hour done here, half an hour there, and one day, this will be finished. Then I foresee lots and lots of thicker spinning for quick gratification!

And lastly another project for the miss. This time a cardigan, in age two, for when autumn hits.

Yes I know its not even spring, but I like to be ahead of the game and have them in her drawer ready for when the weather hits. And given how much my mum knitted for her last year I'd like to get more of mine on her back this year ;) Not that I begrudge my mother knitting for her, she needed something to do those long months off work after her operation. And she has been lovingly wrapped in knits all winter so its a good thing.

That is such a horrid colour to photograph. Hopefully when its finished I might get some sunshine to try and get an accurate colour capture... I can only hope! But as you can see, sleeve stitches are on hold, and I'm a good way down the body now.

So that's what I am up to at the moment. What crafty projects have you all got on the go?

Till next time.


  1. I love it! The cardigan has my favorite colour.

    1. Thank you! It needs a wash and block and then its done, a proper blog post on it to come ;)