Sunday, 9 February 2014

Gradient Dress

First things first, I seem to have some new readers to my blog, and I want to say thank you to you all for taking the time to read. And thank you to all who comment too! Its really so nice when people take the time!

So I have finished my daughter's dress!I knew I loved the pattern anyway as I have used it before, as I showed in my last blog post. For those curious, its the Mischa Baby Dress pattern by Taiga Hilliard Designs. I love it because its completely seamless and there's no sewing at the end, just two ends to weave in.

I have a tendency towards gradients when making my miss dresses. This is in fact my third, and my source for the yarns has always been the same. Jon of does a shawl club. You sign up for each round not knowing what the pattern or colours are going to be. He makes the yarns by machine knitting 'blanks' and dyeing them to get the slow colour changes. Here is the one I used for the dress all in a squishy roll:

The blanks are made from Blue Faced Leicester yarn, 100% wool so hand wash, but I personally have no problem with that. The colour above was from the shawl club and called Frostbite. I picked it up in a destash. I have knitted the pattern this was designed for but I just love using the rolls for dresses. Can't help myself it seems. He sometimes does a batch of rolls on the shop itself, not just for the club. I have one of those in my stash too. Another dress another day maybe ;)

I already showed the work in progress pictures last week so I thought I would skip to the finished item in this case. I just about got the miss to stay still long enough to get pictures of her wearing it, but she is just figuring out this walking lark and staying still really doesn't happen.


And back, with the sparkly buttons I chose for her

As you can see I made it quite long, basically because I don't want her to grow out of it too fast. Her very first knitted dress is starting to look more like a tunic now, but as long as it fits round her chest, she can still wear it with leggings or jeans, and her dresses have kept her cosy all winter. And being the UK... I am sure they will be keeping her warm for a while yet!

So folks, do check out and see what lovelies Jon has. I must state that at the time of writing, the site is due to go offline for a short while to be revamped and relaunched, so if you find the site is down, have some patience and check back!

So do any of you like hand knits for your little ones?

Till next time!


  1. I love the dresses you have shown in your recent posts. They are gorgeous and I will be checking out the pattern!

    1. Thanks! I do love the pattern and its effectiveness, and the fact it has no seaming! Genius in my opinion!