Monday, 20 February 2012

Odds and ends


Ooof I have been busy, too busy to settle down and blog really, but making an effort now! I have been up to all sorts of crafty stuff.

I had hoped to show you pictures of the new bedroom we are getting together for our son, but circumstances beyond our control have delayed us a little there. Such is life, but pictures to come this week at least. I am so happy with the clouds that I painted in there, all done free hand. Took two coats of white, and one of detailing to get them done. They are funky and should add to the theme. Hubby has been building furniture like a made thing. If only I could get him to put the things in the loft that he needs to. I am already tired of half falling over them in our bedroom. Time to start nagging, he leaves me no choice.

I have been working on the huge oversized shawl a lot, and making great progress. It is so big though that it takes an age to get through a row. Still, I have discovered this weekend that audiobooks are a great help in allowing me something to enjoy and allow me to focus on my knitting, rather than getting distracted by every little thing, so some really great progress over the weekend. Its been really nice. I want to get it finished so I can start looking forward to projects for me and the little one on the way.

On that note, although I am valiantly resisting the urge to cast on an knit baby things. Its too early and I have things to finish. The oversized shawl, the gold lace shawl, and also on the needles a layering shrug. The last will probably get a lot of use in the coming months if I live and die in vests again this pregnancy. Our son was truly a little central heating unit so in the dead of winter I was in vests. That said, when I started to dabble in crochet, I dug out my cheap acrylic yarn that I had in several colours. I bought it when I first started knitting again with grand designs which never materialized. But it was great to start granny style hexagons with.

I had done a few, and I find myself picking up the hook and making about one a day at the moment and joining them together. I am under now illusions, this will not make a cuddly blanket for baby, but the bright colours and high contrast could be great for a play blanket, or a bed throw for our son's bed. So I will keep going despite how early it is because I enjoying it and can find a use for the finished blanket. its really rather fun.


So what is everyone else working on?

Till next time.


  1. That is going to be a beautiful blanket, I love your hexagons, very bright and groovy :)

    1. Thank you hon! Loud and lurid acrylic has its uses, and it will go into the washer and dryer with no guilt. Will be fab for a baby's tummy time, all the colour and contrast. No pastels here ;)

  2. Oooh I love the look of your hexagons! Very groovy! I am sure you will get the shawl finished - can't wait to see it when you do :) x x

    1. That's a second vote for groovy lol! Thank you. I am getting there on the oversized shawl. I am on the last two and a half pattern repeats so the end is in sight, the rows are just so very long....