Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happy Valentines Day!


I know I have been a touch quiet here after a bit of a flurry of  a start in my blog posts. I have had good reason mind, feeling rather unwell doesn't really incline you towards blogging. That said, I have also been avoiding places I can talk about news before we were ready, even if I was dying to tell someone.

Well dying I have been, of a bevvy of pregnancy symptoms. That's right, yours truly is pregnant again. Very early days, and babe looks set to be due around the 22nd of October. So yay! Time to start planning the baby projects! I have a skein of yarn set aside just for this eventuality!

Its lovely to know that I was right, I have suspected since somewhere around three weeks pregnant, and of course, you cannot detect a pregnancy till about four or so. So been sitting twiddling my thumbs and trying not to blab. But I have the perfect Valentines Day gift for my husband, and his face when I revealed was a picture. He's going to be a dad again and he loves it.

In other crafty news we are working on our first child's new bedroom. Here he is in his Christmas hat, You can't tell he put it on himself can you?


Coincidence really that we were getting ready to move Patrick out of the nursery. All being well, we will be needing the nursery. I spent an hour and a half helping the husband paint the new room sky blue. It needs some touch ups, and then I need to paint some swirly clouds in there. We are going to use wall mural stickers, and he is getting pirates in his room!

The man of the house will be building the new furniture for in there at the weekend, and pictures will follow when we have a finished room.

So that's our current craftiness, you'll have to wait till October to see the project I am baking in my belly. If it turns out as pretty and as evenly tempered as our first, we are going to be very spoiled parents!

Hope everyone is having a fantastic Valentines Day!


  1. Awww, congratulations :) I look forward to reading more of your blog too! x x

    1. Thank you! Plenty more to come, just finished stage one of clouds on the little monster's walls in his new room. More to do tomorrow!