Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Arrrrrr! There be priates on the starboard bough!

The past couple of weeks the craftiness in this house has been focused on getting our son's new room ready. He's old enough to be moving into his first bed, and getting far too big for the nursery. We cogitated on what theme we wanted, and right up until the last minute had no idea, just knew what furniture we wanted. Then all of a sudden we came across the perfect thing with which to decorate his room. And we went into overdrive. Furniture was ordered, the paint was fetched from the loft, and more sourced in the correct colour. Then one evening, all hands to the pump, we got painting the room a lovely sky blue.


But that's boring on its own. I mean any boy can have a blue bedroom. So time for some extra details. First were two coats of white paint and yours truly free handing some cloud shapes.


Yes the shapes are not your typical clouds. They actually hearken to a video game series that the hubby and I enjoyed as teens. It certainly amused us both. But they looked far better after they were finished and detailed.


Then hubby got to do what he loves best... not. Building flat pack furniture. I got out our secret weapon when he was done. Pre printed and pre pasted die cut wallpaper sheets. In the theme of... pirates. Well like you hadn't guessed already! Last night we spent an evening soaking the die cuts and getting them on the walls, starting with getting out the masking tape and working out where we wanted what, hubby soaking one piece while I put another up. We finished late last night.



And beneath this ship is his ginormous train set! Seems every male I know loves playing with that thing....

12 Now all we need to do is wait for the sheets for the bed (its a junior sized bed and mattress so need the right sheets), and move him and his belongings in.

There are shelves to come to be added to the right hand wall when my parents visit next month, and my dear father will put them up for us, on which is books will go. But hardly critical for getting him moved in.

So there we are, project finished, and we're really happy. Now to find out what the small one thinks.


  1. Awwww...his room looks great! All your hard work has paid off - I bet he loves it :) x x

    1. We hope he does. He hasn't seen it yet. We aren't quite ready to move him in, but when we are, we'll relish his reaction

  2. It looks lovely I am sure it will be a big hit :)

    1. thanks hon. its worth all the effort to see it come together.

  3. That looks fabulous, he must love it!

    1. Thank you! He's settled in quicker and better than we could have hoped. He really does love it, and its wonderful when he wakes early to be able to go in, turn on the light, and let him play in safety and in earshot while I take a little longer to wake up!