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Thursday, 19 January 2012

What's on the needles?

Okay, a quick round up of what I am working on as part of starting up this blog. We have to start somewhere right? So... I have three main projects on the go at present. Firstly, a mohair cardigan:


So this is a darn naff picture and I know it. But I really could not get a decent one to save my life! It does not look pretty like this, but the mohair yarn really is so very beautiful. Its incredibly soft and lovely, and so full of colours. And it was a Christmas present from my friend in Canada. Six skeins of! Anyway, I love how its knitting up and its going to be lovely and snuggly to wear when finished.

Second up is an oversized shawl that will be becoming a cape:

A lovely easy pattern to knit, in fact I chucked the pattern away and started to knit it by feel. As you can see the body is black, but when we come to the end, there are going to be bands of gold, blue and red before a final hem of black. This huge project is for the very same friend who bought me the mohair, done with love because she is a close friend, and because she bribes me every five minutes. This is going to be a project you see in my blog for a while as it grows.

Talking about projects you will see for a while, I present project number three:

IMG_0590 The gold shawl. This piece of complex lace is probably going to take a while, given that it takes concentration and the rows are already long. And I have a toddler. Yeah, you can imagine this one is not going to grow particularly quickly, but it is growing, and is going incredibly well. I am so looking forward to finishing it. I think its going to come with a great sense of a achievement, and is truly the most complex knitting I have attempted to date.

So that's it for now, just a short one, I shall give these projects their due spotlight in turn as time goes on. But this was meant to be a quick overview. So what are you working on?

Till next post!

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