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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

New Year, New Blog

Well yes, I am well aware that we are a way into January, but I am sure I am hardly alone in not having had time to do much other than breathe in the come down from Christmas. I hope everyone had a fab one, I know it certainly was in the Gothy house hold.

So, why the new Blog? Well simply put, because I have not had a focus in my previous blogging, not to mention its been sporadic and generally, not much use to man nor beast. Its just been an outpouring of my mind. And because most of my blogging of late has been about my crafts. So here I am.

So crafts, what about me, and them?

I picked up knitting in July 2009. Not for the first time. I struggled as a child, and never really got the hang of it. But one visit from my grandmother, and some fascinating fashion pom pom yarn and a pair of knitting needles later, and I was on the road to knitting. My mother sat down with me one day and taught me to purl. From then I was absolutely doomed. I have not stopped since.

From shawls, to shrugs, to cardigans to socks... it all goes on. And of course I discovered Ravelry. Oh dear, there was no turning back now. I have made some absolutely fabulous friends on Ravelry, friends I love and treasure.

2011 and said friends all tell me I should try out spinning my own yarn. I'd enjoy it, it would be fun. I resisted... for a while. It didn't last. February I caved. I bought a spindle and some fibre and gave it a shot. By now I have six spindles and a fibre stash I could make a bed from. I am rarely buying yarn now, I am actually spinning my own more often than not. Yeah... resistance was futile.

And this past December, my mother needed a crochet hook to help her with a toy she was knitting for my son. In return for her teaching me to purl all that time ago, I was teaching her to knit in the round with a circular needle. I of course had no crochet hooks, so mum sent my dad off to Hobbycraft and came back with a crochet hook. And when she was done, I was handed the hook and lessons began.

Between my mother and grandmother, by the time they left after christmas I had a growing pile of granny squares I had crocheted. They were soon joined together into a tiny play blanket for my son's toys. And it is well loved. So it seems I have started to fall down the crochet rabbit hole.

So that's me and my crafts. So what can you expect from this blog?

I intend to post about ongoing projects I am working on, sharing pictures and progress. I'd like to highlight sellers of great supplies once in a while, and blog about how I do things. So a little of several things. I can't say I expect anyone to follow my blogging efforts, but at least I feel that now this will be more cohesive, and I can document my progress and see how I grow as a crafter as time goes on.

Well I think that's more than enough for now. So till the next post, goodbye for now!


  1. I am a sucker for a crafty blog! I love your projects on Rav so will be sure to be following your crafty pursuits on your blog :)

    1. Awww! Thanks so much for following me! I am really made up that you would! Now I am all signed up I should follow you too!