Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Quick post - Birthday present and WiP

A very quick post today. Not because I haven't been crafting, but things are taking a bit longer at the moment, what with the slow roll in to school for my son, and I have a slightly more complex project on the go. But I shall share later.

The picture above in the the scarf I made for a friend for her birthday that she celebrated yesterday. She has fabulous pink and purple hair and it should match a treat. Very funky!

Also on the go, just what is this?

No clue? How about now:

Still no idea? What about now?

Yes, that's right, you in the back. Its the beginnings of some kind of toy made from flower motifs. Top marks. In fact it will be a hippopotamus that looks like it belongs in the sixties. Bright and colourful to stimulate the missy's eyes and brain. Currently working on it for her first birthday next month. How she got to be a year old I don't know. But in the last two days she finally cut her first tooth and moved beyond rolling by figuring out crawling forward.

I also have a cardigan on the go for her and some spinning, but haven't had chance to photograph. And experimenting with a gluten free red velvet cupcake recipe, trying to perfect it. So rest assured, I am juggling many balls at the moment. So watch this space for more crafty goodness.

Till next time


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