Thursday, 10 May 2012

Seemingly drawn to neon....


Yes, I can admit, when I see fibre that's full of sparkle in eye blasting colours, my 'must be mine' switch gets flipped.The huge batt above is a prime example, and comes from KnittyandColor in the states. My inner colour and sparkle loving child squealed in glee when I saw this, and it just had to be mine. Its amazing how big a squooshy it is, I pretty much wanted to hug it lol!

So I got to spinning it on my TexasJeans spindle, my nice slightly heavier weight workhorse spindle, aiming for thicker singles. Its been lace weight singles for so very long!And I was winding into a huge centre pull ball as I went to make self plying easier. For once I spun this for fun, no playing with colours, just taking pieces of the sheet of fibre and spinning it as it wanted to spin. And it was a very enjoyable spin!


So in the end, I got to ply and show off all these flashes of neon and see how the colours interacted. Ad the result? 120g, 350 of sportweight yarn. I have no idea what its going to be yet, but I do find myself petting and thinking about something simple in garter or stockinette to allow the colours to speak for themselves.


And guess what I am back to doing now? Yup, lace weight singles ;)


  1. Well done! I love how this turned out!

    1. Thank you, It was superb fun to spin and still a lovely riot of colour even when finished.