Saturday, 14 April 2012

Lazy is the word alright...


I have been terribly remiss. I meant to do this blog post earlier this week, but I have just been tired and drained. Ah that's all part of being pregnant for you. And I have had a sick husband and even our son has had it. I avoided it thankfully. Or had it first and didn't have it badly. And I have been a touch distracted too I can confess. the small one starts preschool next week so its been a flurry of filling in the paperwork, marking all his clothes and sorting him out a little school bag. Monday will be visit day, then he starts on Wednesday, his third birthday! He's going to love the big football cake his dad got him!

Craft wise I have finished another shawl. This time the Lazy Katy pattern on Ravelry. As you might be able to tell from the top picture, this is another knit made from my handspun. It started life as this lovely braid of English breed wool from Yummy Yarns UK:


Yes, yes, my Yummy Yarns UK addiction is showing once again. I can't help it, honest. The colours are wonderful, and this braid was called Lake Sunset. Very  appropriate I think. I got brave, and tried out chain/navajo plying for this one, and was really pleased to come out with a lovely fingering weight 3 ply yarn:


And preserving the colours was so very worth it. The choice of pattern was rather easy, as I had spotted the patten before, but hadn't got a yarn I wanted to knit it in, till I made this. But the kicker was the crochet cast off. When I planned this knit, I couldn't crochet at all. But recent successes had made me bold, so I went for it. Thing was, I had far more yarn than the pattern called for, and wanted to use it. So I got to trying to make it bigger. It went well in the main, but when it came to the set up for the lace edging a couple of increases were fudged in there to make the stitch count work out. But that's just between you and me. I can't tell where I did them anyway. Though blocking it was quite an adventure, trying to get its curves preserved and the lace pinned out nicely. But I think I did well enough.


Yes the only way to get a good picture in daylight was to drag the blocking mats out into the garden  so I had a sort of flat surface to lay it on, but I am very pleased with it. The crochet cast off was confusing from the chart, but once you figure it out, its incredibly easy. It just took forever because there were so many stitches. But I am very pleased, and will most likely be wearing it when we go to visit preschool on Monday. Now if only this rain would stop so hubby can finally plant the potatoes out...